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Build Better Focus And Have Efficient Results Through Self-Discipline

In a previous blog post, we talked about how important time management is as a real estate professional. Self-discipline is an integral part of time management. It is a skill to help us stick to our goals and to make sure we get the tasks that are needed to attain said goals to get done. It is basically us committing to the tasks we time block, making a commitment to do them in a timely manner and with the intent of doing those tasks well. Here are a few ways self-disciple can help you manage your time better, have better focus, and produce better results. Self-discipline builds focus Self-discipline is an essential part of attaining focus. Without building discipline, we won’t be able to focus, thus significantly reducing our productivity. Time management will be pointless if we are not focused on doing the tasks that we lay down. Set focus times in your time blocking. Your focus time is when you put away your phone, avoid all distractions, and don’t think about everything else you need to get done in a day. Focus on just one task, the task at hand. You need to be disciplined enough to catch yourself whenever you feel like your mind is drifting, and disciplined enough not to check your phone when it vibrates. The more you practice, the quicker you will be able to build better focus, stay focused for more extended periods of time as you gradually increase the allotted focus time, and achieve better results in a timely manner. Focus helps you achieve efficient results When we build our focus through discipline, it prevents us from completing our tasks with substandard quality. We become keener on being excellent in our work. When we eliminate all distractions while we are working, we become more critical of the quality of our work thus, we become more productive and better at what we do. Self-discipline helps you get better at goal-setting Goal-setting involves setting a time frame to achieve the goals that you set out to do. When we practice self-discipline, we are able to achieve our goals as fast and efficiently as possible. Discipline in goal-setting also entails breaking down goals into measurable tasks and simplifying/being specific with them. Goals need to be measurable for businesses in order to know at a glance what stage of completion they are in and how much work they require before being accomplished. This helps you stay accountable to yourself and makes it easier for you to track your progress, and know when and what adjustments need to be made depending on the situation. When we get to the point where we have built our self-discipline, we automatically take into consideration the time frame for the goals that we set. It is also easier for us to stick to the time frame since we have learned how to set our focus times and avoid procrastination. Discipline in this case also helps us get better at setting our priorities for our goals. Don’t work on too many goals at the same time but instead, focus on the goals that you deem more important. Self-discipline allows you to have more time for yourself

Growing up, we often associate the word discipline with authority, restrictions, and pretty much things that we are not allowed to do but did you know that practicing self-discipline can actually help you have more leisure time which in turn improves your work-life balance long-term? As I like to say, you can’t give 100% at work without proper rest and recovery that you get through leisure time.

When we are focused and disciplined, we make it a point to stick to the time frame that we set to get things done. In fact, when we procrastinate, we are actually taking away more time that we could otherwise set for ourselves to do the things we love to do thus we end up feeling overworked or burnt out. Self-discipline can often look like working as much and as hard as you can for a set period of time so that you can enjoy your leisure time more, and get enough recovery to give your hundred percent at work the next day.


Self-discipline and time management go hand in hand and both are essential to our success in our profession. Being a real estate professional can be hectic and fast-paced, thus all the more reason why time management is a necessity in our day to day. It is important for us to employ time management strategies such as building focus time and working on our self-discipline in order to have time to do everything we need to do.

Another thing you might consider is hiring a VA! Our VAs here at Transcend are trained to be self-disciplined, focused, and reliable so that we can help you take back your life, maximize your productivity and help you manage your time better.

At the end of the day, the better we are at being accountable and the more disciplined we are, the better we get at managing our time, and we can have more time to do the things we love and enjoy life. #selfdiscipline #realestate #timemanagement #focus #virtualassistant

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