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How To Maximize Your Productivity With Your VA

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you shave off work hours, lower costs, and give you a chance to focus on the significant tasks that impact your business. Every day, more and more entrepreneurs become more aware of the contributions a VA can bring to the profitability of their business.

That being said, it is safe to say that a VA is gradually becoming an essential team member for businesses that want to make the most profit, maximize efficiency and attain high-level productivity.

How Can You Further Optimize Your Workflow With Your VA?

1. Regular And Effective Communication

Communication is the name of the game in any remote work setup. It is essential to provide clear instructions on the work that needs to be done and to make sure that you and your VA are on the same page when it comes to your goals so that they can execute their tasks effectively. Check-in with your virtual assistant regularly and schedule meetings ahead of time to make sure that you are constantly in sync.

This is especially important in the beginning, as this will help your VA learn the company culture better, and get used to your work dynamic and it builds trust and confidence to form a working relationship that lasts.

2. Collaborate Closely

Virtual assistants have diverse skillsets and experiences in their arsenal. They are adept at most tasks and require minimal training. In order to ensure that they are able to apply their skills in the most effective way, collaborate regularly to figure out the best systems to implement, perfect your workflow and align and constantly realign goals when needed.

3. Create A System Or Workflow

When working with a virtual assistant, create a simple and repeatable system that you can follow as you collaborate. This will require procuring the best tools in order to keep things organized.

The 3 most essential tools are:

1. A project management tool or CRM

2. A file-sharing platform

3. A communications platform where you can do meetings.

A sample workflow would look like this:

(1)You add a task to your project management tool or CRM for your VA to see at the beginning of their day, (2) the VA executes the task, (3) shares the necessary files via a file sharing platform and then (4) you collaborate and evaluate via a communications platform.

A simple and repeatable workflow leaves little room for error and it helps you stay efficient when collaborating with your VA every time.

Here at Transcend, we have access to tools that you and your VA can use in order to work smart and effectively at any time, every time.

4. Set Performance Metrics

Just like any brick-and-mortar business, VAs like employees need to have a basis for measuring their performance. You can use these metrics as a standard of performance for your VA and it also helps them evaluate the areas that they need to improve on. It also helps you know the areas that your VAs excel in and the areas that they require training in and that helps you better understand what tasks to delegate to them and where to invest in training for them.

Our Transcend virtual assistants are highly trained and experienced and we have regular coaching sessions with them to ensure that they are always in top shape to help our clients build a big business and make the most profit possible.

5. Set Expectations

A very important thing to do from the very beginning is to set expectations. Virtual Assistants are multi-faceted, highly proficient individuals and by knowing and understanding your expectations, they will know what they need to do in order to effectively and efficiently meet them.

Set realistic expectations and collaborate with your VA on what are the possible action plans that can be undertaken in order to meet these expectations. Regularly check in and revisit things that need improvement and reinforce the tasks that are proven effective.


A VA is an essential team member who can help take a lot of work off your plate and give your more time to be hands-on in the significant decisions that impact your business. VAs have the skills, talents, and expertise to execute most tasks with high-level precision and effectiveness. It is important that you and your VA are constantly communicating, making sure that you are on the same page in terms of goals and expectations, and that you have a way of measuring their performance in order to consistently improve and grow a highly effective business relationship. #virtualassistant #virtualassistantservices #realesateva #outsourcing #productivity

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